We are just days away from this year’s Great Dublin Bike Ride 2017 but before you get on your bike and make your way to the start line can you please take a couple of mins to read through essential information for event day.

  • Start time 8:00 Location junction of Aran Quay on Church street
  • Safety is our number one priority
  • Rules of the road apply- Strictly two abreast Gardai & Moto marshals will be monitoring this throughout the event
  • The only road closures in this event are from Smithfield to the Three Arena (start) & North King Street to Smithfield Sq (finish)

Outside of these closures, please proceed with caution as you will be sharing the roads with vehicular traffic

  • Please obey all instructions from Gardai, course and moto marshals
  • This is not a race or a timed event
  • Strictly No helmet, No ride!
  • Please be courteous to ALL ROAD USERS during this event

Your safety is our key focus so let’s ensure we all have a safe and enjoyable experience! #CycleYourCity