Great Dublin Bike Ride – Training Day

Check out the a short video of our first ever Training Day on Sunday!

This was a training workshop in St Anne’s Park, Raheny, Dublin on August 27 (9.30am – 1pm). 📅🚴🌳

It was all about preparing for Great Dublin Bike Ride by Bikefittingireland / Aidan Hammond Ireland. This was followed by a road spin, which was broken down into levels of abilities.

The aim was to enhance your cycling skills and knowledge and allow you to become more confident on the bike.

The training session included: 📝

✅ Intro on what we will be doing and quick discussion on safety individually and in group.
✅ Talk on cycling clothing / helmet /equipment
✅ Group riding 2 abreast and up and over
✅ Group riding singling out
✅ Riding shoulder to shoulder / close to other riders
✅ Drinking bottle and eating while on the bike
✅ Looking behind while riding
✅ Cornering and cornering in a group
✅ Braking and use of gears